Business Advisory Services

Grooming Your Business for Peak Sale Value and “Curb Appeal”

The sale of your business does not begin with listing it with a business broker!

Your business sales journey begins with a thorough analysis of …

  • Where your company is today
  • What value may be added to enhance your sales price, and
  • What time-frame is realistic to take the necessary steps to maximize your return.


Although we focus on business sales, we also excel at these preparatory steps and guarantee that you will not be asked to list your company for sale with Rich-Biz until all these questions are resolved to your satisfaction.

So together with you, we’ll work to assess the 6 major drivers of business value in the eyes of buyers … and then implement a plan to strengthen performance, improve company value and prime the company for sale.

Here’s a quick overview of the 6 major drivers that need evaluation to maximize your sales price.
  1. Richmond Business Advisory Services from Rich-Biz Brokers & Advisors, LLCOrganizational structure
  2. Completeness and accuracy of your books and records
  3. Documented policies and procedures
  4. Digital and manual systems documentation
  5. Personnel and clientele profiles
  6. Marketing and sales strategies
The good news for you is … We have refined the process to:
  • Minimize your time commitment
  • Limit your costs, and
  • Accelerate the time to go to market with your company
Business Owners and Trusted Advisors

When working with advisors, do you value:

  • Access to principals
  • Long-time central Virginia business professionals
  • Experience in growing and selling our own businesses
  • Principals with both CPA and entrepreneurial credentials
  • Superior level of service
  • Nimble solutions to unexpected challenges
  • Practical, pragmatic and effective guidance
Our promises to you regardless of the size or scope of your business:
  • Enhanced Business Value
  • Realistic Valuation
  • Pre-Sale Coaching
  • Active Negotiation Assistance
  • Post-Sale Advice & Guidance
  • Affordable, Fairly Priced Services
Your confidence and satisfaction is critical … our principals have combined experience of 70+ years providing, proven, professional, prompt and affordable transition solutions to small and mid-size businesses in Central Virginia.
Business Advisory Services in Richmond and Central Virginia