Buying a Business

Ruth and Jim are contemplating a major life-changing event … leaving the corporate world where each has served for over 20 years … with no intent to retire. Given their enviable financial position, they are prepared to liquidate their stock market holdings and seek opportunities to own their own business.

Your next challenge is the hard work of due diligence. Whether you have past success in buying a closely held business or are relying on the proven professional capabilities of a seasoned business broker/advisor, it is an absolute must to get solid answers to questions regarding the six major drivers of business value.

Buying your own business, especially if it’s your first time as an entrepreneur, is a daunting undertaking … but not impossible given the right planning and execution. There are a lot of moving parts to consider including a careful analysis of physical assets, financial statements, strengths of management, employee engagement … and relationships with customers, the community and competitors.