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The market for business opportunities is heating up, and Rich-Biz Brokers & Advisors, LLC, is in the thick of it. We’re working to bring business sellers and prospective buyers together to make well-informed decisions regarding their objectives. The following listings offer an example of the diverse range of companies with which we’re working. Let us know if you know anyone who might be interested in exploring any of these possibilities!

Rich-Biz Brokers & Advisors, LLC, in cooperation with Bleakely Financial Group, recently conducted a free, informative 1/2-hour long Webinar exploring the critical issues business owners must address when preparing to sell their company.     Click here to view this Webinar. Topics covered include: Why do you want to sell your business? What should you […]

Is there any merit to timing a business sale in light of tax considerations? Absolutely! If the tax on capital gains is expected to rise, it might make sense to sell sooner rather than later, even when the value of the business is growing nicely. In this article, we’ll look at the dramatic effect rising tax rates can have on the Net Present Value of a business sale.